TomTod Ideas is anything but boring OR typical. Their approach to what they do is simple. Uh sort of.

TomTod uses an experientially-oriented, project-based approach to giving students the skills and abilities to impact change in their world. Ranging from What If You Could a 6-12 month long experiential mentorship adventure, to our in-school collaborative What If 101, to our week-long summer Camp What If, we meet middle school students where they’re at and connect them to the wisdom, resources, and experience of adults.

Middle school students live in this unique space of intellectual ability, imaginative capacity, and passionate energy. We believe that this incredible combination is ready to unleash all sorts of wonderful ideas into the world, but often students are overlooked instead of empowered.

So when we were asked to design their 2015 annual report, we knew we had to give them anything but a typical and boring layout.

Feeding off the excitement of the students, staff, community and volunteers, we threw out the traditional and expected annual report elements and went with a bold, colorful, graphic approach. Here is a sampling of the pages we created.

Who said annual reports had to be boring?

Annual Report Spread-lo