I was approached by Blane Warrene, CEO of BMRW and Co-Creator of Arkovi (r-ko-v) to develop a brand. Blane called me one night describing what he was working on. “I’m working on this great new thing…,” sworn to secrecy, the conversation continued and I became more and more interested. At this point he had some name suggestions, nothing solid but Arkovi was one of them,  he invited me to come up with ideas of my own. This product was different. It needed a different name, so Arkovi was the final choice. With that being said, it was only fitting that the look and feel of the Arkovi brand also needed to be different.
These were the three concepts I gave to Blane to present to the Board of Directors. The choice was unanimous.


With this brand being used primarily on the web, the usual color considerations for use in print were put aside. The branding for Arkovi was on its way. One of my favorite elements is the use of the smack-you-in-the-face red as an accent. Even though this was primarily a web venture, every company needs a stationery package right? This was the next step of the process. Presented with three options, the final result was an exercise of mix and match… arriving at the final choice.


Other pieces that were developed for the Arkovi brand where a custom Twitter background (@arkovibackups), an e-book that is available for download from the Arkovi web site, Power Point presentation templates and an Infographic.





According to Blane, “We’re going to be making a lot of noise in 2011.” Personally, I like the sound of that because we made a lot of noise ourselves.

The Arkovi Identity Design brought home a number of awards in 2011.

2011 Best of Show Creative

2011 Gold Award – Creative

2011 Gold Hermes Awards for Creativity

2011 Gold Marcom Awards for Communications

2011 International Gold Award – IAPHC