North Canton City Schools Levy Campaign

The Challenge

The real challenge of this project was to get the levy passed. That was really the long and short of it all. After facing total defeat with a first attempt, the school board put the levy back on the ballot for a second try with major changes to the ask. The problem was, how to get people to understand, connect and relate to the real issues facing the school district and its programs. 

The Solution

The first attempt to get this levy passed took the typical hard-line approach. Although not as hard-line as other campaigns, it still missed that “feel good about what we’re doing” spin. Making changes to the delivery and showing who this levy really benefitted made a major difference. We all know it’s for the kids, but when you see them, you can relate to them and it’s hard to deny. Postcards, social media graphics, flyers and an informative infographic were some of the element developed. With boots on the ground, tremendous support from the players involved and the new campaign approach the levy did pass. 

“Communicating the levy ask in a way that everyone could relate to was huge. Plain, understandable and transparent language, relatable images and graphic treatments made an incredible impact on voters. The real-life approach the levy campaign took was the key to it’s success.”

NCCS Levy Infographic

NCCS Levy Supporting Graphics

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