Stark County Hunger Task Force

The Challenge

Develop an identity that is easily recognized and utilized across all media. Something, that once seen, would bring to mind what this organization does and stands for. Feeding the hungry in Stark County is a huge undertaking. The organization needed an identity that was just as strong, mobile and focused as the Stark County Hunger Task Force is.

The Solution

Not to deviate too far from the existing and outdated indentity. The community and those that need the Stark County Hunger Task Force became accustomed to seeing the utensils as part of the identity. So we kept those and made them the major focus of the new identity. The new identity is bold and strong but at the same time welcoming. Because the Stark County Hunger Task Force is involved in so many community-based event and programs, the new identity had to be design in such a way that it would be as strong in color as it is in black and white.

Corporate Identity

Supporting Elements

PSA Flyers

Retractable Banner Art

Brochure-Rack Card

Campaign Postcard

Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics

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