“I like traditional “power” colors,” said David Baka, President of National Software Escrow, in our initial branding meeting. “Dark blues, greens and the deep reds, you know like financial institutions use.” Although not a financial institution, National Software Escrow (NSE) is very similar. NSE protects assets, and in the case of NSE, that asset would be information. Get the whole NSE story.

On a sunny December day in 2010 Trailer Trash Design and NSE had their first meeting to discuss the possibilities of either revamping the current NSE brand or start from scratch and rebuild it. David felt that the current brand looked a bit tired and could use a little “something”. We discussed the pros and cons of each and the decision was made to move forward with a new brand.

With the similarities of a financial institution, it really wasn’t out of the question to follow in the mindset of a traditional corporate/financial institution color scheme for the new NSE brand. The new branding we were developing had to convey a sense of strength, confidence and longevity among other things. Let’s face it, this is serious stuff that NSE is involved in. Happy puppies and cartoon daisies just weren’t going to cut it.
Long before fonts or icons were thought of, attention was focused on the color palette. True, David spoke of traditional power colors and those were taken into consideration. But, and we all know there’s always a but… this was our opportunity to really make an impact. This was our chance to show NSE’s current clients that while maintaining it’s strength and confidence, an investment in the future was being made and to show new clients that NSE is strong, secure and progressive. I decided that I would take those traditional colors and brighten them up. “You’ll still have that power suit in your closet” I said, “but instead of coordinating it with the traditional “expected” colored elements and blending in, you’ll be adding the “kick” that will make you stand apart.”


Once I determined the palette I wanted to present, so that work could progress. The doodles, napkin drawings and full blown logos (at least in my brain) started happening. Followed quickly by rough ideas in Illustrator. Some good, some not so good. Three logo concepts and coordinating stationery packages were presented for review, but this was the logo that was ultimately chosen.



The outer cube representing NSE, the inner, representing its client’s asset.The excitement and energy was high at the presentation, I told David to take the concepts and live with them before making changes or the final decision on anything. One thing that brought up concern was the repeating pattern of the cube portion of the logo on the back of the business cards and envelope flaps. David felt that they may be a bit overpowering… a slight adjustment. I told David that we could utilize the cube pattern elsewhere. The rebranding continued with other elements, a corporate pocket folder/brochure and corporate website. Along with email and direct mail campaigns, of course all branded with the new NSE corporate identity.


National Software Escrow

Oh and as far as using that cube pattern elsewhere, well, they’ll appear on the pocket folder/brochure as well as the website. But how about this for utilization?


David Baka says:
National Software Escrow, Inc. (NSE) is pleased to announce that we have launched a new corporate identity that better represents our continuing commitment to providing secure, cost-effective Technology Escrow Arrangements to technology vendors and licensees. As a result of our long term view and financial strength, introducing a new corporate identity is just another milestone as we enhance our leadership position within the competitive technology escrow industry.

What makes this new corporate identity truly special is that it reflects NSE’s commitment to stay progressive with not only the services we offer, but our identity as well.

Specifically, our new corporate identity represents security, stability and protection.  Since the foundation for National Software Escrow, Inc.’s success spans over 17 years, it is very important to us to maintain these key attributes as part of our ongoing identity.

The new corporate logo reflects the progressive and forward-looking initiatives being implemented across our company.  It also is a symbol of NSE’s deep commitment to continuously finding new and better ways to serve our valued customers.

Since the initial launch of the new NSE Corporate Identity multiple pieces have been designed including a direct mail program and the 2011 Holiday Card which won a Gold Award for Design in 2012.