This morning I answered a question in a FB design group I follow… “what got you into design? Hmmm.

I always liked to draw, I spent many summer vacation days drawing at our kitchen table with my cousin, but never really pursued it. Fast forward… I worked at Goodyear as a mail boy, one of my daily routes was to deliver mail to the advertising department. At that time, all the work was being done in house and by hand. No computers, no interwebs blah, blah, blah. I delivered mail very early in the morning, like 4:30am early. There was always one guy working in that department, his space was a mess. Drawings, layouts, photos, torn bits of paper, markers everywhere, but it looked so cool. One day I asked him if I could watch him lay out an ad. “You into this stuff?” At that time I wasn’t but I told him I did like to draw. I watched him a few times… finally I told him that I thought it was really interesting. He asked if I wanted to try laying out an ad. He gave me some “homework”. A picture of a tire, some content, logo, a size and told me to give him three layouts. I did. He sent me back home with another test. And finally a third. He then asked if I’d ever considered going into design. I told him I hadn’t. “You should. You’ve got an eye.”


So to answer the question from the FB group…HIM, John. He was what got me into design. He saw something in me and I never looked back. John became my mentor for many, many years, helping me tremendously until he retired. He’s no longer with us, but he will always be with me. Thank you John Suru!

This picture was when I got a new job at Goodyear… yup, in the advertising department! Different group, but still in the advertising department.